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Monthly Payment Plan


Monthly Payment Plans are available for Home, Condo, Tenant, Farm, Commercial, and Auto Package policies. To set up a plan for your policy with us, we will need a void cheque or banking information along with a signed authorization form.

If you are too busy to drop in, call or email us and we can get you the sign up form.

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How to calculate your Monthly Payment and Down Payment

For most of our companies the finance cost is 3% of the Annual policy cost.

EXAMPLE - Annual policy cost $600
               The finanace cost is calculated as:  $600 X 3% = $18
               The monthly payment is then:  $600 + $18 = $618 / 12 = $ $51.50 per month
               The Down Payment is TWO MONTHS so in our example $51.50 X 2 = $103.

Most plans allow you to select the day of the month you want the payment taken from your account. Let us know if you change your bank.

NSF payments will result in policy cancellation by the insurer. Call us if you have an NSF so we can make alternate arrangements for payment and try to keep coverage for you.