Insurance Products & Services

Hook Lafrance Insurance offers a variety of Insurance Products from a choice of Insurance companies for Residential, Farm, Auto and Commercial clients.Our staff is friendly and efficient in serving your needs. Our staff of licensed brokers try to develop a strong service relationship with each customer.
We are an independantly owned business.


 We are also Motor Licence Issuers for SGI and your internet link to SGI ON-Line Services.


Top up your License Plate Coverage.
An Auto Pak policy will Lower your deductible and Increase your Liability.

We will review the rebuilding value on your home and prepare alternative quotes. Special belongings such as cottages, boats, ATV, rental house can be added.

Over 50% of renters do not have Tenant Insurance. Sharing a building with others often results in claims caused by other tenants, with fire & water damage claims being the most common. Also Liability coverage could be very important if you cause damage unintentionally to the premises you are renting. The cost of tenant insurance is very low, call us and we can work out quotes for you.

Condo ownership requires special insurance. Nowadays there are many types of condo ownership possibilities that require different types of insurance arrangements. Call  us and we can review your needs and outline coverage options for you.

Farm Insurance requires an in depth review of each clients' particular circumstances. We need to work closely with each client to review all their property and farming operations. We take the time with each client to review coverage options and discuss their needs.

We offer a variety of choices for your mobile insurance needs.

We have over 25 years experience in dealing with all types of businesses. We deal with property owners, retail stores, professional offices, and a large variety of contractors to name a few. Each business is unique and an insurance program has to be tailor made for each client. Call us and we can discuss your business insurance.

Going on a trip? We can set up a policy in minutes to protect you from unexpected injury or illness.

Print out the application you need

How to report an Auto Claim.
How to report a Home,Commercial, Farm, Tenant or Condo claim.

Instructions to Pay Online and Links to common Financial Institutions.

An Easy way to contact us on a simple policy change you want done. We will confirm the change once we have placed coverage with your insurer.