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Policies that keep up with Rebuilding Costs

Property values have increased significantly in Saskatchewan in the last few years. Labour and material costs have increased and the cost to build and repair homes is up. It is important that you update your coverage regularly. We can review the rebuilding cost of your home with you, outline coverage options, and update your coverage to suit your needs.


Your home is the most valuable asset you have and we can design an insurance policy that best protects your home and property. At Hook Lafrance Insurance we represent solid, reliable insurers who offer a variety of insurance products. We can tailor the best policy to suit your needs and check for the best rates for your situation with our insurance companies.

Most Homeowners' policies offer replacement coverage and include additional coverages for belongings,  Living Expense coverage (while your premises are being repaired)
Other coverage such as Credit Card forgery, Evacuation, and many more are also included

Extra coverage can be added if you own special belongings such as Boats, ATVs, Cottages, rented houses, jewelry and collections.

Call our Licensed Brokers and we would be pleased to discuss your home insurance with you. We explain and take the time you need to make your decision.


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High Valued Homes
We have Specialty Markets for High Valued Homes.


                         Monitored Alarm System
                    Newer Homes (up to 15 years)
                                 Age 40 – 50 - 65 
                                    Claims Free
                                Loyalty Discount
                                 Mortgage Free



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